gerry McGovern


Professor Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Creative Officer

Gerry McGovern lives by design as Chief Design Officer for Land Rover and a board member of Jaguar Land Rover, he is convinced of the ability of design to transform business while enriching people’s lives.

McGovern is responsible for the design strategy that has transformed the image and the fortunes of the Land Rover brand and taken it from the off road specialist manufacturer to the purveyor of luxury vehicles desired all over the world. “It’s about recognizing our unique heritage but not been harnessed by it creating relevant Vehicle Designs that truly resonate with customers on an emotional level”. Says McGovern.

It’s this approach that has been behind the creation of a new generation of Land Rover vehicles from the successful Range Rover Evoque to the highly acclaimed Range Rover Velar.

Making vehicles that are universally desirable while maintaining the essence of unique nature of the brand is not a simple task, but it’s one that comes intuitively to McGovern. A successful design is one that feels necessary, he says.