The New Range Rover makes every journey an occasion, combining advanced technology with modern luxury to deliver peerless refinement in any environment and for every occupant.

  • Luxury choices: The New Range Rover is ready for any occasion with Standard and Long Wheelbase body designs providing a choice of four, five or seven-seat configurations
  • Solid foundations: Strong new mixed-metal MLA-Flex body architecture optimises rigidity, providing the basis for the suspension to deliver new levels of comfort
  • Tranquil sanctuary: Cabin Air Purification Pro features PM2.5 filtration1 and nanoeTM X technology, helping to significantly reduce odours, bacteria, viruses and allergens including the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • Refinement redefined: Next-generation Active Noise Cancellation world-first technology features headrest speakers to create individual quiet zones for ultimate cabin refinement2
  • All-seeing: Cutting-edge chassis delivers elevated composure with pre-emptive suspension using Dynamic Response Pro, eHorizon Navigation data and All-Wheel Steering
  • Range Rover class: Executive Class and Executive Class Comfort-Plus seats provide luxury travel for row two passengers. New third-row seats extend the luxury for up to seven people
  • Powered access: Power Assisted opening and closing doors, with integrated hazard detection and anti-pinch safety features, set the tone for an effortless travelling experience3
  • Luxury loadspace: Auto-Folding Loadspace Cover, Versatile Loadspace Floor and Tailgate Event Suite4 enhance every journey, from shopping trips to tailgate picnics


Whether arriving at the opera or scaling a mountain, the New Range Rover elevates the concept of luxury travel by enhancing every element of experience – from the way customers interact with the vehicle digitally and physically, to the way it manages the health and wellbeing of its occupants.

The new Flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA-Flex) provides strong foundations, while an integrated network of the smart technologies makes this the most advanced and luxurious SUV the world has ever seen. When combined with the hushed EV capability of the new Extended Range plug-in hybrids, it provides the ultimate interpretation of Range Rover refinement.

The New Range Rover takes the lessons learned over 50 years of evolution and combines them with 21st century technologies to deliver supreme refinement, comfort and wellbeing on every journey. It does this through pre-emptive suspension that primes the vehicle for upcoming corners, next-generation noise cancelling with headrest speakers and clean air technology that can neutralise COVID family pathogens.

Nick Miller
Range Rover Product Chief, Jaguar Land Rover

MLA-Flex architecture

The New Range Rover’s next-generation body structure provides the foundations for its transformational refinement. Flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA-Flex) delivers new levels of body stiffness and noise isolation.

Its flexibility ensures the New Range Rover is available in Standard and Long Wheelbase body designs and with a choice of powertrains, ranging from the new V8 petrol and Land Rover’s Ingenium petrol and diesel mild-hybrid engines to efficient Extended Range plug-in hybrids and the forthcoming pure-electric powertrain.


By using the right material for each element of the design, Land Rover engineers have optimised weight and stiffness, creating three rings within the body structure at the A, C and D pillars. The intelligent use of high-strength steels – for example, in a fourth strengthening ring around the front door openings – and innovative casting techniques deliver torsional stiffness up to 50 per cent higher than before, even with a full-length panoramic roof.

The steel front bulkhead features a closed-section arrangement which provides a double-glazing effect – the transmission of noise and low-frequency vibrations from road surfaces into the cabin is 24 per cent lower than the previous generation, before the addition of the latest refinement-enhancing technologies.  


Next-generation Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation technology2  builds on the fundamental refinement provided by MLA-Flex to deliver one of the quietest cabins of any road vehicle – ensuring passengers enjoy a first-class experience using the 1,600W Meridian Signature Sound System5. The new flagship sound system also includes a pair of speakers in each of the four main headrests for a total of 1,680W and a truly unique sound experience. 

The third-generation Active Noise Cancellation system2 monitors wheel vibrations, tyre noise and engine sounds transmitted into the cabin and generates a cancelling signal played through the system’s 35 main speakers. It has five times the noise cancellation range of previous systems, up to 1kHz, thanks to the pair of 60mm diameter speakers in the headrests for each of the four main cabin occupants, which create personal zones throughout New Range Rover, using technology similar to that found in noise-cancelling headphones.

The advanced arrangement is a perfect example of the Systems Engineering that has defined the development of the New Range Rover. The multi-disciplinary technology uses the same speakers for high fidelity music playback, Bluetooth telephone operation, Active Noise Cancellation, navigation instructions, parking alerts and even the driver warning sounds using 10 Digital Signal Processors. They deliver five times the processing power of the previous system and are capable of processing up to 50 separate audio streams.

The system has a wider frequency range than before and is able to direct alerts such as navigation instructions and warning sounds to the driver, with minimal distraction to passengers. The inherent refinement provided by MLA-Flex and the advanced aerodynamics of the New Range Rover combine with the intelligent system to deliver a tranquil cabin environment to rival the finest luxury sedans, allowing occupants to enjoy music reproduction in the purest of environments5.

Land Rover engineers used the Articulation Index – a measure of the ability to hold a conversation – to assess the refinement of the interior, and the New Range Rover is the quietest vehicle of its kind in the world6 with road, wind and structure noise all but eliminated.


Aerodynamic excellence

Intelligent aerodynamics contribute significantly to the New Range Rover’s hushed interior. Land Rover’s Design and Engineering divisions have worked in close harmony to craft the unmistakable silhouette of a Range Rover with a drag coefficient from only 0.30 – the lowest of any luxury SUV.

A 10mm lower roofline reduces the frontal area with no compromise to interior space, while elegant fully flush doors and glazing minimise disturbance to the airflow as it passes down the side of the vehicle. The boat tail rear end ensures air departs the vehicle as cleanly as possible while the fine tolerances applied to the body assembly – which includes seamless laser-welded roof joints and a hidden waist finisher for a clean appearance where the door panels meet the window glass – also contribute to refinement by reducing wind noise.

Being electrified by design, all battery packs are positioned under the vehicle, without compromise, and the underfloor is enclosed by aero shields that have been designed to withstand all-terrain driving while enhancing both refinement and efficiency. The attention to detail extends to aerodynamic teardrop-shaped recesses for the fixings and, in a first for Land Rover, aero covers for the rear suspension, which deliver a controlled separation of the underbody airflow.

Smart aerodynamic features such as Active Brake Cooling and intelligent Electronic Air Suspension, which automatically lowers the ride height by 16mm when travelling at speeds above 65mph (105km/h), ensure refinement and efficiency are always optimised.

Wellbeing: cabin air technology

The New Range Rover brings new levels of wellbeing to the luxury SUV sector with a range of advanced clean air systems. Cabin Air Purification Prois the culmination of this technology. It combines dual-nanoeTM X technology for allergen reduction and pathogen removal to help significantly reduce odours and viruses, while CO2 Management and PM2.5 Cabin Air Filtration enhance air quality.


Advanced nanoeTM X technology is scientifically proven to significantly reduce viruses and bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 viruses1. This clever technology is active in the air, so particles don’t have to pass through a filter to be trapped and neutralised. It works by condensing moisture from cabin air and using high voltage to break it into tiny electrically charged particles. This produces trillions of Hydroxyl (OH) radicals enveloped in nano-sized water molecules, which react with airborne contaminants. The new system provides 20 times the number of OH radicals than previously, with a second unit for rear occupants providing consistent air quality throughout the cabin.


In independent testing in laboratory conditions, using Cabin Air Purification Pro over 30 minutes is 97 per cent effective in eliminating bacteria. In another independent test nanoeTM X has shown over 99 per cent elimination against SARS-CoV-2 viruses1.

The new cabin purification system displays interior and exterior PM2.5 air quality levels on the central touchscreen. To optimise the quality of the cabin air, it also includes CO2 management which operates in harmony with the Purify feature, which can be initiated via the touchscreen. These features work with the cabin temperature controller to find the best balance between cleaning the air and keeping the occupants comfortable.

The CO2 Management feature is an enhancement of the cabin purification system. It monitors the concentration of carbon dioxide in the cabin and selectively introduces fresh air, which helps maintain driver alertness. The ultra-fine Cabin Air Filtration features an active carbon layer to remove unpleasant odours and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), as well as an anti-allergen layer.

Using Land Rover’s Remote app technology7, the Deep Clean functionality allows customers to cleanse the cabin air prior to their journey and without the need for a remote engine start. It includes cabin purge and cabin purification functionality. All four-zone Climate Control vehicles come with an additional heater and air-conditioning unit, and nanoeTM X device specifically for the rear cabin. 

Pre-emptive Electronic Air Suspension

The New Range Rover’s fully independent suspension underpins its luxurious ride comfort and features Land Rover’s first ever five-link rear axle. It isolates the cabin from surface imperfections more effectively than ever before using advanced air springs.

The Range Rover was the first luxury SUV to feature Electronic Air Suspension (in 1992) and the latest model continues the pioneering approach with pre-emptive suspension that uses eHorizon Navigation data to read the road ahead and prime the suspension to provide the perfect responses.

New intelligent Electronic Air Suspension restricts roll and pitch by calibrating the suspension on the approach to individual bends, so the vehicle is always ready. Industry-leading air spring volumes combine with innovative twin-valve dampers that react within five milliseconds to provide optimum ride control.


By linking to the Adaptive Cruise Control, the technology also controls body pitch caused by speed changes, and Active Speed Lowering uses eHorizon data to detect when the vehicle is travelling on high-speed roads, activating faster than ever for heightened efficiency and control.

Electronic Air Suspension is governed by Land Rover’s new Integrated Chassis Control, which incorporates a range of advanced systems to deliver effortless on-road composure and all-terrain capability. These technologies include Dynamic Response Pro with electronic Active Roll Control (eARC) and Adaptive Dynamics. The fast-acting set-up generates up to 1,400Nm of torque to control lateral body movements, contributing to the New Range Rover’s supreme composure. The lightweight system also aids efficiency and is responsible for up to 8g/km CO2 reduction compared to a hydraulic system.

Intuitive Power Assisted Doors

The New Range Rover is the first Land Rover to feature Power Assisted Doors with integrated hazard and obstacle detection and anti-pinch safety features, ensuring every trip begins and ends with customary refinement and sophistication3.

The effortless experience begins with the flush deployable door handles, which feature new Approach Unlock and Walkaway Locking with Proximity Sensing, so the doors unlock and the handles deploy automatically when a key fob is detected approaching the vehicle. When leaving the vehicle, customers can simply walk away and, once the key fob has left its immediate vicinity, the handles retract and the vehicle locks.

The Power Assisted Doors are designed to operate as naturally as possible and start working when a customer begins to open or close one of the doors – a partial pull on the exterior or interior handle will trigger the system and they open in three seconds3. Rear Corner Radar sensors help detect approaching traffic from the rear, while ultrasonic sensors embedded in each door detect obstacles within their sweep and sense just how far to open. Anti-pinch and solid-state gyroscopes in each door take safety a step further and prevent objects being trapped when the doors are closing. The elegant operation has even been engineered to work in off-road environments and will hold the doors with up to 10 degrees of pitch and roll.



Once inside, the driver’s door can also be closed by pressing the brake pedal. The doors can also be operated using the central touchscreen or an additional switch by the grab handles, while a switch on the end of each door and the door handle can be used to initiate closure from the outside. Alternatively, manual closure can be initiated by a simple push on the door.

The technology has endured 84,000 use cycles, in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, as part of the luxury SUV’s comprehensive development programme. In combination with Elegant Arrival, which automatically lowers the body by 50mm to Access Height, and Deployable Side Steps, the intuitive door technologies maximise convenience and security when entering and exiting the vehicle.

Security is assured by state-of-the-art Ultra Wide Band (UWB) transceivers, which guard against thefts using copycat key devices. Jaguar Land Rover was one of the first vehicle manufacturers to introduce the pioneering technology and the innovative set-up resists relay attack, meeting the world’s toughest security standards.

Executive Class seating


The New Range Rover provides three distinct seating arrangements: four or five-seat, in Standard or Long Wheelbase body designs, and a seven-seat Long Wheelbase option.

The luxury flagship’s trademark Command Driving position and theatre-style seating ensure excellent all-round visibility throughout with an extra 20mm of room between the front and second row seats across the range. This contributes to a 44mm overall improvement in row-two knee room, with a lower heel position, for enhanced passenger comfort on longer journeys.

Luxurious Executive Class rear seats combine four-seat comfort with five-seat versatility. At the push of a button, the powered deployable centre console slides effortlessly into position as the centre rear seatback separates the two outer seats. It houses an eight-inch Rear Seat Touchscreen controller, which allows passengers to fine-tune the rear cabin environment. The heated and cooled rear memory seats provide four-way powered lumbar and headrest adjustment and can be inclined by four degrees and reclined by up to 12 degrees to achieve the perfect position.



Executive Class Comfort seats provide enhanced shoulder support with heated door armrests, a heated centre console and deeper seat cushions with Hot Stone Massage functionality, while Executive Class Comfort-Plus seats add a heated heel catcher and calf-rest8 for truly first-class travel.

Seven-seat luxury

Using the 75mm longer wheelbase of the new MLA-Flex architecture, the New Range Rover delivers generous seating space whichever model you choose, while the additional 200mm in the Long Wheelbase creates either supreme executive comfort or, for the first time, a full seven-seat option for Range Rover. The outcome is a packaging triumph that delivers a true Range Rover experience for every occupant, with no compromise to its elegant silhouette.

The clever design of the second-row seats creates a generous walk-through to the third-row seats. At the touch of a button, they glide forward and rise to allow easy entry and exit. The heated third-row seats fold into the boot floor electrically yet deliver an authentic Range Rover experience for occupants. Their comfortable 25-degree backrest is equivalent to a second-row seat in many competitors and, with 864mm of legroom, a full-sized adult can comfortably sit in the third row, behind a similarly sized passenger, even on long trips.


Stadium seating means the third-row seats are 41mm higher than the front seats, providing excellent visibility and ensuring occupants feel connected to the rest of the interior. Integral outboard armrests enhance the sense of luxury along with individual device charging ports, cup holders and oddment stowage and when the third-row seats are not in use, the second row can slide backwards to liberate an additional 50mm of legroom.

Customers can tailor the cabin atmosphere to suit their mood using configurable 30-colour cabin lighting in the doors, console footwells and instrumentation and, on seven-seat models, the third-row armrests. Illuminated seatbelt buckles make it easier to fasten seatbelts at night and showcase the attention to detail that is evident throughout the cabin.

Practical cabin stowage

There is a practical side to first-class travel. Land Rover’s designers and engineers studied how customers use the space in their Range Rovers to provide smart stowage that preserves the clean lines of the elegant interior, while providing all the convenience and flexibility they need.

As a result, the centre console provides a combination of flexible open stowage spaces for quick access to everyday items, and a closed three-litre storage space under the centre armrest big enough for an iPad. This area is also available with a Front Centre Console Refrigerator Compartment, which is capable of rapidly chilling up to four 500ml drinks bottles or 330ml cans using temperatures reaching as low as five degrees Celsius.

Intelligent Loadspace

The New Range Rover features the practical two-piece split tailgate arrangement that has been a hallmark of Land Rover’s flagship SUV since its introduction in 1970. For 2021, a series of new technologies provide elevated versatility and convenience.

Five-seat models debut a new Auto-Folding Loadspace Cover which combines the practicality of a rigid loadspace cover with the convenience of retractable design. It automatically and elegantly retracts when the upper tailgate is opened to optimise access to the load area, without having to open the lower tailgate.

Inside, the new Versatile Loadspace Floor protects luggage and enhances convenience. Its clever floor panel hinges backwards, across the width of the load area at its mid-point, to contain smaller items and keep them within easy reach when unloading. The vertical partition also includes adjustable straps on its underside to securely stow those smaller items, such as bottles.


The partition has been engineered to withstand forces of up to 750Nm and has been subjected to 10,000 use cycles. It performs another function­ – when pivoted forwards, along its leading edge, the hinged floor section serves as a backrest when using the lower tailgate as outdoor seating.

The New Range Rover is a highly versatile and practical luxury vehicle. Even with seven seats in place, there is 312 litres of luggage space, allowing for a pair of cabin cases, a pushchair or golf bag to fit behind the third-row seats. Capacity rises to more than 1,000 litres in five-seat mode and, with the second row folded forwards, the New Range Rover LWB can accommodate 2,601 litres of luggage, including items measuring two metres long.

Loadspace volumes (litres)

Standard Wheelbase

Long Wheelbase

Max. load capacity, behind row three (to the roofline)



Max. load capacity, behind row two (to the waistline)


5 Seat: 725

7 Seat: 713

Max. load capacity, behind row two (to the roofline)



Max. load capacity, behind row one (to the roofline, all seats folded)



Tailgate Event Suite

The new Tailgate Event Suite takes the Versatile Loadspace Floor concept to new heights, combining additional lighting and speakers located in the upper tailgate to create the perfect place to take in the scenery, sports events or simply to relax outdoors4. Activated via the Pivi Pro infotainment system, the Tailgate Event Suite opens the tailgate and focuses audio playback through the rearmost speakers, plus four dedicated tailgate speakers, while dimmable spotlights provide high-intensity task lighting for up to two hours of additional enjoyment when the sun goes down, or up to 88 hours on the Extended Range Plug-in Hybrid models.

The Tailgate Event Suite is also available with a pair of luxurious tailored leather cushion sets which stow neatly beneath the boot floor and provide enhanced comfort for two people on the lower tailgate9 and the Versatile Loadspace Floor backrest - there are even sculpted cup rests in the lower tailgate to prevent spillages.

1 Texcell research, 2020 carried out for and result supplied by Panasonic

2 Standard on vehicles fitted with Meridian Signature sound systems

3 Power Assisted Doors available early 2022

4 Tailgate Event Suite with leather cushions is optional on SE, HSE & Autobiography. It is standard on First Editions

5 Range Rover SE models come fitted with the 400W 15-speaker Meridian Sound System as standard, while 800W 19-speaker Meridian 3D Signature Surround Sound is standard on HSE derivatives. The 1600W 35-speaker Meridian Signature Sound System is standard fitment on Autobiography and First Edition models

6 Measured at 50kmh for urban driving

Market Dependant, Feature not available in China. Compatible smart phones only

8 Seat functionality:

  • Range Rover: 12-way heated electric front seats with two-way manual headrests and power recline rear seats
  • Range Rover SE: 20-way heated electric front seats with power recline heated rear seats
  • Range Rover HSE: 20-way heated and ventilated electric front seats with power recline heated and ventilated rear seats 
  • Range Rover Autobiography: 24-way heated and cooled, massage electric front seats with Executive Class rear seats

9 Not when a full-sized spare is specified or on vehicles with the Ultrafabric/Kvadrat interior