Engineering and Technology revolution ensures capability and convenience

The new Range Rover Evoque features world-first features, cutting-edge technology and the latest artificial intelligence to make Evoque more digital and connected than ever before

INFOGRAPHIC – ClearSight Ground View
  • World’s first Ground View technology makes the bonnet invisible - realisation of 2014 concept
  • High-definition video screen revolutionises rear view mirror visibility from the driver’s seat
  • Advanced new Touch Pro Duo infotainment software at the heart of digital Evoque
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrates your smartphone into the touchscreen
  • Smart Settings artificial intelligence algorithms learn driver preferences and readies the cabin for your journey
  • InControl Remote keeps customers connected to Evoque, wherever they are in the world
  • Wireless over-the-air updates ensures the latest software is always available
  • Available to order now: New Range Rover Evoque priced from £31,600* in the UK



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ClearSight Ground View – the realisation of Land Rover’s transparent bonnet concept previewed on the Discovery Vision concept – is a world first. Cameras in the front grille and on the door mirrors project a feed onto the central touchscreen to show what is ahead of and underneath the front of the vehicle with a virtual 180-degree view. Helping the driver maintain visibility when negotiating extreme terrains as well as high city-centre kerbs, this is yet another technological evolution that makes the new Evoque ideal for traversing the urban jungle, the actual jungle and everything in between.

INFOGRAPHIC – ClearSight Rear View Mirror

The new smart rear-view mirror transforms into an HD video screen at the touch of a button. By displaying a rear-facing camera feed onto the mirror, the driver’s view remains unrestricted by passengers or large items in the back, while also providing a wider 50-degree field of vision using a camera positioned above the rear window. This technology also delivers clearer visibility in low light conditions.

Designed with a protective lip to prevent mud and water soiling the lens, there is also a hydrophobic coating that repels water spray. In the unlikely occurrence that the camera is ever obscured, drivers can change back to a traditional rear view mirror at the flick of a switch.

Interior infotainment – New Range Rover Evoque
Interior infotainment – New Range Rover Evoque
Interior infotainment – New Range Rover Evoque
Interior infotainment – New Range Rover Evoque
Interior infotainment – New Range Rover Evoque
Interior infotainment – New Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover’s Touch Pro Duo infotainment system is central to the digital interior experience, combining two sleek 10-inch high-definition glass touchscreens, a 12.3-inch driver display behind the steering wheel and full-colour head-up display. The result is a beautiful, ‘hidden until lit’ interior filled with state-of-the-art digital interfaces. The ergonomic design and capacitive switches are easier and more intuitive to operate, allowing the driver to easily control a wide variety of technologies. There is smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Click & Go rear-seat tablet holders with charging capability, 4G WiFi hotspot (for up to eight devices) and six USB slots located throughout the cabin. The new Evoque is the first Land Rover with Smart Settings technology, which uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the driver’s habits over time. The ‘self-learning’ technology recognises the driver from their key fob and phone and will set up their seat and steering column position on approach, allowing for up to eight profiles to be registered. After a few journeys, Evoque remembers the driver’s preferred temperature settings, media preferences and commonly dialed numbers depending on the time or day of the week.

To own a Range Rover is to be at the forefront of vehicle technology, for capability and driver convenience. The new Evoque is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles available and with the smart rear view mirror it literally has eyes in the back of its head.

Alex Heslop
Director of Electronics and Software, Jaguar Land Rover

The InControl Remote smartphone application allows customers to stay in touch with their Evoque, no matter where in the world they are. Customers can use their phone to find their vehicle or check the remaining fuel range, lock and unlock the vehicle remotely, as well as pre-heat or cool the cabin to the desired temperature. Evoque is future-proofed, with wireless software updates to the infotainment and vehicle systems which means the compact luxury SUV continuously improves over time, without having to visit a retailer. To ensure the wellbeing of occupants, Evoque is fitted with Cabin Air Ionisation technology that removes impurities from the environment. When paired with Air Quality and pollen filters, plus a more peaceful cabin thanks to reduced road noise levels, Land Rover engineers have ensured a more relaxing and refreshing experience on any journey.


All in-car features should be used by drivers only when safe for them to do so

Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times

* Price relates to 150PS Front Wheel Drive model