The New Range Rover Sport: high-performance and seamlessly connected

  • Always on, always connected: Advanced Electrical Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0) enables a suite of innovative technologies for an enhanced driving environment and first-class convenience
  • Intuitive displays: Curved floating 13.1-inch Pivi Pro touchscreen with haptic controls takes centre stage in cockpit-like cabin, alongside a 13.7-inch Interactive Driver Display
  • Up to date: Two embedded eSIMs1 mean software updates can be completed anywhere, ensuring New Range Rover Sport improves as technology matures
  • Advanced connections: Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Wireless Android Auto™ allow drivers to sync infotainment with their smartphone quickly and easily2. Baidu CarLife also available in China
  • Wireless convenience: 15W Wireless Device Charger beneath the central touchscreen accommodates the largest smartphones
  • Integrated Amazon Alexa3: Powerful built-in voice AI recognises complex verbal instructions and requests, minimising distractions for a focused driving experience. Tmall Genie available in China
  • “Hey Land Rover”: Advanced cloud-based voice assistant gives drivers control of numerous in-car functions in up to 31 languages using natural, responsive speech
  • Embedded apps: Seamless playback from home to car provided by embedded Spotify4 app that allows drivers to hear their favourite music and podcasts without smartphone connection
  • Digital LEDs: High-performance Digital LED headlights with signature DRLs, Image Projection and Predictive Front Lighting enhance visibility with fast-acting shuttering technology reducing glare
  • Latest ADAS: Intelligent ADAS technologies reduce demands on the driver and enhance convenience, with Remote Park Assist making it possible to park from outside the vehicle

New Range Rover Sport features a suite of technologies that enhance the driving experience

This makes it the most advanced, dynamically engaging and refined Range Rover Sport ever made.

Land Rover’s Electrical Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0) is the digital spine, supporting connectivity, Software Over The Air (SOTA) capability and advanced convenience features. With 63 Electronic Control Modules (ECUs) capable of updating over the air, New Range Rover Sport’s electronic ecosystem is constantly refreshed with the latest software.


New Range Rover Sport represents a technological revolution. A suite of advanced features catapults it into the future, delivering the most connected, intuitive and technologically rich experience for our customers. From the largest touchscreen ever fitted to a Range Rover Sport, to the intelligent capabilities of the advanced Pivi Pro infotainment, the onboard experience has never been more supportive of the driver, more convenient or simpler to navigate.

Alex Heslop
Director of Electrical Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

Award-winning infotainment

The award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment is accessed via a curved 13.1-inch touchscreen with haptic controls. Like the New Range Rover, it is the largest touchscreen ever fitted to a Land Rover – with mounts engineered for optimum rigidity and strength – and its contemporary near-frameless design seamlessly ‘floats’ on the centre of the dashboard.

As soon as the vehicle is unlocked and driver’s door is opened, the Pivi Pro system is active and ready to go thanks to a built-in back-up battery, so drivers can set the navigation and stream music as soon as they get in.

Intuitive Pivi Pro allows 90 per cent of tasks to be completed within two taps of the home screen to minimise the potential for distraction and, in a first for Range Rover Sport, the central touchscreen incorporates haptic controls. By providing positive sensory feedback when interacting with the screen, it removes the need for drivers to take their eyes off the road for a second, confirmatory glance – offering a more focused and safer driving experience.


Like a host of other systems, Pivi Pro improves as the vehicle matures thanks to SOTA updates, which deliver the latest software upgrades wherever customers are, without interruption or inconvenience. This is possible thanks to two embedded eSIMs1 within the Pivi Pro infotainment, meaning updates can be completed without disrupting other applications such as music streaming.

Pivi Pro also learns and recognises habits, to make the infotainment as personalised and effortless as possible. For example, the navigation will identify regularly used routes – such as daily commutes – and set the destination accordingly, so the driver can take advantage of traffic updates along the route. Given the familiarity of the surroundings, it will intelligently reduce the number of voice instructions on such trips for an undisturbed journey.

Drivers can also interact with New Range Rover Sport by simply saying “Hey Land Rover”, which wakes the cloud-based voice assistant. It is more responsive than ever, allowing occupants to control functions such as navigation, media, climate and phone controls using natural speech in up to 31 languages. It can also be activated via the steering wheel button.

Interactive Driver Display

The digital experience is enhanced by the new 13.7-inch Interactive Driver Display, a semi-floating high-definition screen that uses an intuitive three-panel layout similar to the main Pivi Pro screen. Drivers can specify individual configurations for the display to personalise the information ahead of them, controlled via the new steering wheel controls.

Information can also be displayed via a high-resolution colour Head-Up Display, positioned directly in the driver’s eyeline to reduce the need to look away from the road. It displays key information – such as gear selection, up or downshift indicator and navigation instructions – as if two metres ahead of the driver.

The display has been positioned to make it easier to read and reduce eye movements required by the driver.

Amazon Alexa (3)

New Range Rover Sport features integrated Amazon Alexa for intuitive voice control that makes life even easier. The system understands natural voice commands and provides a seamless alternative to using the central touchscreen, reducing the cognitive load on the driver and boosting safety. It allows customers to manage and use infotainment features, navigation commands and make or receive phone calls without taking their hands off the steering wheel or eyes off the road.

The voice AI is embedded in the Pivi Pro system for ultimate convenience and can be prompted by simply asking questions such as: “Alexa, where’s the nearest coffee shop?”. This will produce a map of nearby results, allowing the driver to continue the dialogue to select a destination, or by simply tapping an option on the Pivi Pro screen.

Further examples of Alexa’s capabilities include navigating to or contacting a chosen destination and checking the news, weather and traffic using natural spoken commands. The system works in addition to the wireless smartphone connectivity options and can be activated by saying “Alexa” or by pressing the dedicated Alexa button on the central Pivi Pro touchscreen. It also works without the need for a smartphone – the built-in system just needs details of a customer’s Amazon account and the internet connection provided by the vehicle’s embedded eSIMs1.

A custom connected vehicle skill for New Range Rover Sport enables drivers to remotely control functions in the home, such as switching on lights and setting the central heating thermostat. Away from the vehicle, Alexa Skills lets drivers check the status of their car, from monitoring its fuel level or state of charge, as well as ensuring it is locked – all facilitated by any Alexa-enabled device.

Online Pack (5)

The comprehensive Online Pack supports New Range Rover Sport’s connectivity, featuring an inclusive data plan that ensures customers are always connected. The system is bolstered by embedded eSIM technology, providing 4G data for the connected features such as the navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot and SOTA updates.


The apps within Pivi Pro are embedded and cloud-based, so a smartphone isn’t required to provide the internet connectivity or app functionality – meaning customers can stream music even if they forget their phone. The embedded Spotify app4 is accessed directly via the Pivi screen and allows access to favourite music playlists and podcasts directly with a Premium subscription.

The Online Pack also includes Amazon Alexa3 with unlimited streaming from Deezer and TuneIn, as well as live weather forecasts displayed on the touchscreen. UK customers are also able to pay for parking6 on the touchscreen via parking operator RingGo6.

Effortless, wireless smartphone integration

Wireless Apple CarPlay® is standard on New Range Rover Sport2, with added convenience provided by the 15W Wireless Device Charger with Phone Signal Booster. It is located below the Pivi screen in a subtle, dedicated compartment at the top of the centre console. While keeping devices safely stored out of sight – to minimise the potential for distraction – it allows remaining stowage areas to be used for other items and is large enough to accommodate the largest smartphones.

The Qi-compatible device features an integrated signal booster for enhanced call quality, while the pad also features active cooling to prevent smartphones from overheating. Wireless Android Auto™ is also standard. Baidu CarLife is also available, providing the right connection method for a comprehensive range of users.

Passengers can also stay connected with up to seven USB-C connections available across the two rows of seats inside, with the ability to charge laptops, as well as the option of a 230V domestic plug socket. In addition, there are 12V charging sockets in the glove compartment and in the end of the centre console, accessed via the rear cabin.



Rear Seat Entertainment


Rear passengers can enjoy the Rear Seat Entertainment option, displayed on two 11.4-inch touchscreens. Featuring curved glass screens like the main Pivi Pro touchscreen, the displays are elegantly integrated to the rear of the front seats, providing an intuitive interface and High-Definition viewing.

Working with the Wi-Fi Hotspot with Data Plan, the rear-seat passengers can stream their favourite entertainment connected via HDMI or USB port, acting like an extension of at-home viewing, with individuals able to watch separate things on each screen.

Digital LED Headlights with Predictive Front Lighting and Dynamic Light Projection

New Range Rover Sport features slim LED headlights with a distinctive new Daytime Running Light (DRL) signature that embodies the overall design of the luxury performance SUV. Efficient and powerful LED lighting is used throughout and the stealth-like headlights also feature Adaptive Front Lighting and Image Projection technology.

The new Adaptive Front Lighting system uses high-performance Dynamic Light Projection technology to optimise the dipped beam and shape its pattern to suit the driving conditions, precisely illuminating the road ahead around 10 times more effectively than before.

Inside each headlight, 1.3 million individually controllable Digital Micro-mirror Devices (DMDs) allow the HD-Adaptive Driving Beam to respond to the road ahead and shadow up to 16 objects ahead of the vehicle, to avoid dazzling oncoming road users. The system is intelligent enough to recognise signposts and dims the beam to reduce reflection glare, while at junctions and roundabouts it will increase the beam width to enhance visibility and illuminate pedestrians and cyclists at the roadside.

Using eHorizon navigation data, the lights can ‘see’ the road ahead to automatically set the correct beam pattern from one of four modes:

  • Country – standard beam operates between 0-110km/h (0-70mph) when an urban environment is not detected
  • City – wider headlight beam operates up to 48km/h (30mph) in urban environments
  • Highway – raised headlight beam operates above 110km/h (70mph)
  • Adverse Weather – operates when the windscreen wipers are active for more than two minutes and the vehicle’s speed is below 64km/h (40mph)

At the rear, new slimline taillights feature surface LED technology for the first time on Range Rover Sport. The crisp and vibrant red lighting signature is consistent from all viewing angles, using super red LED technology for an uninterrupted, crisp, and dynamic rear light signature.

New Manoeuvring Lights assist the 3D Surround Camera system to aid parking and low speed manoeuvres in low light conditions using LED downlighters on the side of the vehicle which project onto the ground. The advanced system provides a carpet of light around the vehicle, illuminating the surroundings both to the eye and when viewed through the vehicle’s cameras on the central touchscreen.

The system is automatically engaged when reverse gear is selected, working with the 3D Surround Camera to provide peerless visibility at up to 15km/h (10mph), in addition to the LED reversing lights. The 3D Surround Camera provides 360-degree plan, 3D exterior perspective or kerb views and junction views by cleverly stitching together images from the four surround cameras, helping drivers at speeds below 15km/h (10mph) on any terrain.


New Range Rover Sport is also available with ClearSight Interior Rear View technology7. The frameless interior mirror changes at the touch of a button from a conventional rear-view mirror to a digital screen showing a feed from the high-definition rear-facing camera mounted high at the back of the vehicle.

It provides a 50-degree horizontal view and 9.8-degree vertical field of vision to the rear of the vehicle with no blind spots, enhancing the view out in low light and when carrying bulky objects. A hydrophobic coating ensures the view is not impeded by wet and muddy conditions.

At the front, ClearSight Ground View7 transparent bonnet technology enhances off-road driving by visualising the area hidden by the bonnet on the central Pivi Pro touchscreen. Trajectory overlays help drivers clearly position the vehicle on challenging terrain, and the system is capable of making the vehicle ‘disappear’, providing a plan view of the area around and beneath the vehicle.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

New Range Rover Sport’s dynamic performance and enhanced refinement is supported by the latest safety-focused Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). All models are fitted with Emergency Braking, 3D Surround Camera, including front and rear parking sensors, Wade Sensing, ClearSight Ground View7 and Manoeuvring Lights – Cruise Control, Driver Condition Monitor, Lane Keep Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition.

Additional features are provided by packages:

  • Driver Assist Pack – Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist, Driver Condition Response, Rear Collision Monitor and Occupant Protection Assist
  • Blind Spot Assist Pack – Blind Spot Assist and Rear Traffic Monitor

Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist and Driver Condition Response are both included in the Driver Assist Pack. Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist maintains a constant speed and will safely adapt to the speed of vehicles ahead by maintaining a set following distance. It will also help the driver keep the vehicle centred in the lane, operating at up to 200km/h (124mph).

The system remains active in traffic, with the Stop & Go functionality bringing the vehicle to a stop and moving off again with the traffic flow without the need to touch the pedals – for an effortless drive. Additionally, lane changes can be completed with Lane Merge Assist. Activated using the indicators, the system assesses the conditions in the desired lane and accelerates or decelerates as necessary for a smooth change.

Speed Assist is also part of the Driver Assist Pack, aiding the driver by dynamically adjusting the vehicle speed based on the prevailing speed limit. 


Driver Condition Response is activated when the vehicle determines that the driver is unresponsive following prolonged warnings from the vehicle. After a series of audible and visual warnings, New Range Rover Sport will initiate three brake pulses, after which – if the driver is still unresponsive – it will bring the vehicle to a full stop in its lane with hazard lights activated to warn other road users.

Additional protection at the rear of the vehicle is provided by Rear Collision Monitor and Occupant Protection Assist, which uses rear corner radars to identify potential collision risks – sounding an audible warning and preparing the cabin for a potential impact. If required, the hazard lights will flash, and the interior is primed by tensioning the seat belts, moving the head rests forwards, inclining the seats and closing the windows – as well as closing the panoramic roof.

Remote Park Assist (9)

Remote Park Assist is available for the first time on Range Rover Sport, enabling owners to conveniently control their vehicle from the outside. Using the Land Rover smartphone app, drivers can park in tight spaces, guide the vehicle through rural gateways or exit tight parking spaces.

Activated via the Pivi Pro screen, drivers can then select available spaces that the system has identified, with narrower spaces highlighted as only accessible using Remote Park Assist. The manoeuvre can then be completed once the driver exits the vehicle, by providing a continuous input via the Remote app8. The driver must stay within three metres of the vehicle, with ultrasonic sensors and cameras constantly monitoring the surroundings for potential hazards. If these conditions are not met, the vehicle will come to a stop.



When drivers are behind the wheel, Park Assist will automatically park New Range Rover Sport in parallel or bay spaces. The system constantly scans for available spaces and drivers can select the desired parking option using the central touchscreen. Once initiated, the intelligent technology makes all the necessary steering and throttle adjustments to park the vehicle quickly and effortlessly.

1Subject to market availability of third party provider platforms and mobile phone signal.

2Apple CarPlay is a Trademark of Apple Inc. Apple Inc end-user terms may apply. Android Auto is a Trademark of Google LLC. The services offered by Apple CarPlay depend on feature availability in your country, please see https://www.apple.com/uk/ios/feature-availability/#apple-carplay for more information. The services offered by Android Auto depends on feature availability in your country, please see https://www.android.com/intl/en_uk/auto/ for more information.

3In-car features should be used by drivers only when safe to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times. Amazon Alexa Voice AI is only available in certain markets. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart home technology. Use of Amazon Alexa requires an Amazon account.

4Only available with the Pivi Pro and Online Pack options; Spotify subscription is required.

5WiFi and Online Pack is subject to market applicability. Fair use policy may apply. After 20GB of data is used within a month, data speeds and functionality on vehicle may reduce for the rest of the month. Standard 1 year subscription, which can be extended after the initial term advised by your Land Rover Retailer.

6Live parking payments require a payment plan and this service is only available in the UK.

7ClearSight GroundView dependent on 360 Surround Camera. Image is not live. Check surroundings for safety. Optional feature. Subject to local regulations. ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror - If Bifocal or Varifocal users cannot easily adjust focus on the ClearSight digital rear view image, they may revert to rear view mirror mode at any time.

8Compatible smart phones only.

9Available end 2022.

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