25 August 2023

Flying the flag: musician and actor Kano will provide the initial soundtrack to the Defender TikTok account

  • Pioneering partnership: New Defender TikTok account launched in exclusive collaboration with ground-breaking British music artist and actor Kano
  • Digital community: First posts on new Defender TikTok account epitomise the Defender brand, harnessing inspiration through music
  • Authentic innovation: Defender’s purposeful design and heroic capability empowers clients to embrace the impossible
  • Luxury of choice: Defender line-up includes 90, 110 and 130 body designs, with a choice of plug-in electric hybrid and mild-hybrid petrol and diesel power
  • Loyal following: To join the Defender brand on TikTok, follow here:

Defender is heading into new territory once again with the launch of its official TikTok account in collaboration with pioneering British rapper, songwriter and actor Kano.


Famous for heroic capability and exceptional all-terrain adventures, Defender is now exploring a musical world it has much in common with. Like the best music, Defender represents losing yourself in the experience and taking the road less travelled. The official new TikTok account will deepen this connection.

Defender is an icon that can trace its roots back to the very beginning of a genre it now defines. As a musician, I aim to be as real as possible and innovate in a similar way, so I can relate to that journey. What’s more, Defender is more relevant today than ever and is completely unmistakable – which is the kind of aesthetic I strive for in my own music.

Music artist and actor

The new TikTok account seeks to inspire Defender clients known to have a great passion for music through innovative collaborations with renowned artists such as Kano. The debut tie-up features the ground-breaking artist alongside Defender 90, showcasing its authentic, purposeful design and unmistakable reductive silhouette.

The launch of Defender TikTok also sees the brand form a new digital community in parallel with the community of Defender owners. Kano has an authentic and innovative approach and is a pioneer in the British music industry. The Defender account will inspire and connect with an entirely new group of people with content created just for them. Award-winner Kano and Defender 90 headline the launch as the Defender for a new generation the ultimate combination of power and purpose.

Defender can trace its roots back to the original 1948 Land Rover and has evolved to become one of the most capable and recognisable 4x4s in the world. It is designed to rove the land and conquer any environment, enabling clients to be exceptional with endless possibilities.

Defender and music can both unlock powerful emotions, inspiring whole communities to go their own way, break new ground and embrace all kinds of adventures. Launching our new account with Kano – a pioneer who has helped shape UK music and is a role model in that industry – is a fitting way for the Defender brand to make its TikTok debut.

Mark Cameron
Managing Director for Defender

Fittingly, Defender embraces connectivity, featuring JLR’s award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment, controlled via an intuitive dash-mounted 11.4-inch touchscreen.

Pivi Pro supports Wireless Apple CarPlayTM as standard1. Wireless Android Auto® is also supported for easy music streaming. With a choice of powerful and innovative Meridian sound systems, Defender is the perfect place to stream music of any genre and be immersed in the audio experience.

Embedded apps such as Spotify also mean clients can enjoy curated playlists with just a tap of the screen, with their favourite music at their fingertips or via a simple voice command. Software Over The Air capability means Defender is always up to date while its dual eSIM design provides excellent connectivity.

Defender represents an entire off-road family comprising 90, 110 and 130 body designs, with between two and eight seating options and a compelling choice of powerful and efficient powertrains, including plug-in electric hybrid and mild-hybrid options to provide a Defender to suit every situation and allow clients to embrace every opportunity and environment.

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About Defender

Defender embraces the impossible. Each member of the Defender family is purposefully designed, highly desirable and seriously durable. A modern-day hero that respects the past but at the same time anticipates the future.

Available in 90, 110 and 130 body styles, with up to eight seats, each has a charisma of its own.

As part of a sustainability-rich vision of modern luxury by design, Defender 110 is available as an electric hybrid.

Defender Hard Top means business, with 90 and 110 body styles for professional capability.

A beacon of liberty since 1948, Defender supports humanitarian and conservation work with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Tusk Trust.

The Defender brand is underpinned by Land Rover – a mark of trust built on 75 years of expertise in technology and world-leading off-road capability.

Defender is designed and engineered in the UK and sold in 121 countries. It belongs to the JLR house of brands alongside Range Rover, Discovery and Jaguar.


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