29 March 2017

From tailgates to diesel torque, Simon Turner, Product Manager, Land Rover North America, shares his 10 favorite features available with the all-new Discovery.

1. Third row seats with space

With three rows and seating for seven, the New Discovery has remarkable room for passengers, but what impresses me the most is the amount of space in that optional third row. A couple of six-foot-tall adults can sit comfortably back there with knee-room and headroom to spare. The sliding second-row seats allow you to optimize the space.

2. Stow It

You can never have enough storage in a vehicle that’s built for families. The New Discovery sets a high benchmark for SUVs with no fewer than 21 different places to hold items. I really like the compartment beneath the cup holders in the center console. It’s big enough to hide away up to four iPad® devices. That, and the compartment behind the climate control panel that’s perfect for a wallet or phone.

3. Tailgate seating

The new, one-piece tailgate on the New Discovery is made of a tough, yet lightweight, plastic composite. When it opens, a fold-down full-width panel can be deployed. It’s a perfect place to sit and watch your kid’s soccer game, have a family picnic, or change out of muddy boots. With the tailgate being bigger than before, you get a lot more protection from the elements.

4. In control with Land Rover InControl® (1)

With a tap of your smartphone, Apple Watch® or Android™ Wear smart watch, you can be in control of the New Discovery. The InControl Remote Premium app lets you remotely lock and unlock the doors, set the alarm, start or stop the engine, adjust the climate control, check the fuel level, and check the vehicle’s range. It even lets you keep a log of all your individual trips, which is great for business users.

5. Must-have WiFi

The first thing my kids ask when I bring home a different vehicle is “Dad, has it got Wi-Fi?” I’m pleased, and relieved, to say the New Discovery is available with a WiFi hotspot (2). It’s powerful enough to be able to connect to no fewer than eight devices. That’s a lot of smartphones and tablets. Depending on options there are nine USB charging points so everyone can stay connected.

6. Going tow to tow

The capability of the New Discovery as a tow vehicle is just astonishing. For starters it can tow up to 8,200 pounds. That’s huge. It also has a suite of available technologies to turn any driver into a towing expert. My favorite is Advanced Tow Assist which lets you take your hands off the wheel and back-up a trailer, steering just with the rotary knob from the Terrain Response® 2 system (3). Simply follow the trajectory on the Touchscreen.

7. Talking the Torque

I’m a huge fan of Land Rover’s Td6 diesel engines. The 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel available in the New Discovery cranks out an impressive 443 lb-ft of torque from just 1,750rpm. To put the numbers into perspective, that’s only 18 lb-ft less than the torque produced by the mighty 510-hp supercharged V8 in the Range Rover Sport Supercharged. For me, it is strong low-speed torque that makes a vehicle fun to drive.

8. Off-road Cruise Control

The New Discovery sets the standard when it comes to all-terrain capability. Off-road, it’s just about unstoppable. One new feature that I’m really impressed with is the optional All-Terrain Progress Control. Think of it as an ultra-low-speed cruise control for tricky off-road driving. Set the speed as low as 1.3 mph and you can take your foot off the gas and concentrate on steering a path through obstacles (3).

9. A Curtain of Air

Those air ducts in the front bumper aren’t there just to make the New Discovery look sporty. They actually optimize airflow past the front wheels, helping to reduce drag and improve air flow along the vehicle sides. Air is forced through the ducts and into the wheel arches causing a pressure change that creates an air “curtain” around the front wheels. It helps deliver the 15 percent overall improvement in drag compared to its predecessor.

10. The return of the Curry Hook

We Brits love our take-out curry meals. When the original Discovery was introduced back in 1989, we added a simple hook in the passenger-side footwell to stop the carrier bags tipping over. For the New Discovery we’ve reinvented the humble ‘curry hook’ with a clever push-operated design that sits flush to the transmission tunnel. Of course, it’s also a great place to attach a grocery bag or handbag.


(1) Do not use Land Rover InControl® features under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control.

(2) The Wi-Fi hotspot is intended for passenger use only. InControl features may require an additional subscription with separate terms and conditions.

(3) These systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances, speeds, weather and road conditions, etc. Driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving.  Please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for more details.