Land Rover Makes Smorgasburg LA Debut with Jamie Olive Bespoke Discovery
Partnering with Smorgasburg for the launch of their Holiday Market, Land Rover made its Smorgasburg LA debut with a bespoke Land Rover Discovery, created for chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver. Celebrity chef and friend of Jamie, Donal Shekan, assisted by chef Caroline Artiss, hosted an exclusive live cooking demonstration of Jamie's Banh Mi recipe to showcase the capabilities of the bespoke vehicle on November 26, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.


04 January 2018

Celebrity chef, and friend of Jamie Oliver, Donal Shekan, showcased Oliver’s new, kitchen-on-the-go Land Rover Discovery at the opening of Smorgasburg LA Holiday Market in downtown Los Angeles, last month. Here he reveals which of the custom Discovery vehicle’s culinary features he loved the most.

How did your day go at the Smorgasburg LA Holiday Market?

It was amazing. From the minute we arrived, to the end of the day, the Discovery was absolutely mobbed. It was crazy. People were so intrigued by the concept of a new Land Rover Discovery being transformed into a very stylish, bespoke mobile kitchen.

Did Jamie Oliver give you any special instructions on how to operate its features?

He did not give me any special instructions, but he did text me just before I was about to go on live TV to give a cooking demonstration with the Discovery, wishing me the best of luck. Thankfully I’d watched Jamie’s YouTube video on cooking with the vehicle, and I had a tech from Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations to show me how everything worked. Everything went without a hitch.

Which of the bespoke Discovery vehicle’s features were your favorite?

There are so many brilliant features with the vehicle, it’s tough to choose, but how can you not love a drop-down olive oil dispenser and built-in herb garden? What made me laugh the most was actually opening the hood and seeing the slow-cooker right there. The whole vehicle is actually a chef’s dream; Jamie and Jaguar Land Rover SVO did an incredible job.

How many Banh Mi sandwiches did you serve?

I don’t have an exact number, but probably hundreds. They were flying off the table as fast as we could make them, and this went on all day. What was great was that all the proceeds from the sale of the sandwiches benefitted Food Forward, a local non-profit that’s dedicated to recovering surplus produce and donating it to those in need. It’s a great cause, and nice to give back.

What exactly is a Banh Mi sandwich?

It’s traditional Vietnamese street food. You can make it with chicken or pork, but we used turkey to show people how to get creative with those holiday leftovers. You toast French baguettes and smear pâté on them - there’s a lot of French influence in Vietnamese cooking. Then you add a spicy pickle vegetable mix, with cucumber and cabbage, and finally the barbecue turkey. A few sprigs of cilantro from the Discovery vehicle’s herb garden and you’re done.

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