06 March 2018

South Florida-based entrepreneur Michael Pulichino, 27, gets all the performance he needs for his fast-paced lifestyle from his Range Rover Sport SVR model.

Can you tell us about your Range Rover Sport SVR?

I've owned it about a year now. It's very much the stealth machine, black with black 22-inch rims and a black and light gray interior. It also has the carbon fiber exterior package that really adds to the dynamic look. I also went for the carbon fiber interior which looks amazing and makes me feel great every time I get behind the wheel.

Is this your first Range Rover?

My family and I have had Range Rover vehicles forever. Over the past 10 years I think we have owned a total of 15. I was very lucky to have a Range Rover as my first car, essentially because my parents wanted me to be safe. I've loved them ever since. I traded in a Range Rover Autobiography to buy the Range Rover Sport SVR.

What was the appeal of the Range Rover Sport SVR?

550 horsepower, and zero-to-60 in 4.5 seconds1. That was the appeal. It is amazing how fast the vehicle is and it is really exciting to drive. My office is about 40 miles from my home in downtown Miami and I never fail to enjoy the drive, even in the city's stop-start traffic. I still grin every time I hear that crackle and pop from the active exhausts, it's like music.

How has your experience with the Range Rover Sport SVR been?

I've put around 14,000 miles on the clock in the year I've had it and not a single thing has gone wrong.  Those 14,000 miles have been hard commuter miles through heavy South Florida traffic with lots of stops and starts. It still feels as tight as the day I picked it up from the dealer.

Have you ventured off-road in it?

If you count the rough dirt track we take down to our favorite waterfront crab shack, yes. For me, however, the benefit of thall-wheel drive is to enhance the car's handling. It never feels less than precise and sure-footed through the curves. It gives peace of mind when I'm splashing through water after a Florida summer downpour.

How long do you plan on keeping the Range Rover Sport SVR?

It's funny, with my previous Range Rover vehicles, I was always thinking about the next one I was going to buy, always looking at the website to pick the next specs and colors. My last Autobiography was pretty wild with a white exterior and red interior. This Range Rover Sport SVR is different. I might just keep it forever. Well, at least until I decide that I can't live without the new 2018 model that has 575 horsepower.


1 Always follow local speed limits