26 October 2021

  • The New Range Rover leads by example with breath‑taking modernity, peerless refinement and renown Land Rover capability informed by over 50 years of evolution
  • New 2022 Range Rover is defined by presence and formality, achieved by the harmony of proportions, surface and lines
  • Luxurious alternatives to traditional leather include a new premium textile that combines Ultrafabrics™ and Kvadrat™ wool‑blend
  • New Range Rover SV is an exquisite interpretation of Range Rover luxury and personalization, handcrafted by Special Vehicle Operations
  • Engineers have reduced the cognitive load on the driver at every point, while next‑generation noise‑cancelling with headrest speakers creates the ultimate refinement
  • Integrated Chassis Control with Dynamic Response Pro provides supreme ride comfort using Electronic Air Suspension that primes the vehicle for corners using eHorizon data to read the road ahead and provide appropriate responses(7)
  • Standard All‑Wheel Steering combines superior high‑speed stability with exceptional maneuverability at low speeds(7) – and the smallest turning circle of any Land Rover SUV
  • New MLA‑Flex body architecture provides Standard and Long Wheelbase bodystyles with luxurious four, five or seven‑seat interiors
  • Battery‑electric Range Rover set to premiere in 2024 as Land Rover embraces new Reimagine strategy with an all‑electric powertrain for its original luxury SUV
  • New 434hp plug‑in hybrid arriving at 2023 model year delivers an electric range of up to 62 miles(10)
  • New 523hp Twin Turbo V8 powertrain delivers trademark Range Rover drive, with Dynamic Launch enabling 0‑60mph in as little as 4.4 seconds (0‑100km/h in 4.6s)(5)
  • Built‑in Amazon Alexa helps minimize distractions by recognizing intuitive verbal commands for music, navigation and traffic updates, smart home devices and more1()
  • SiriusXM with 360L(3) debuts on 2022 Range Rover and transforms ride with extensive and personalized radio experience
  • The New Range Rover is available to order now, priced from $104,000(2) in the U.S., with deliveries beginning spring 2022. Find out more here:

The elegant New Range Rover defines modern luxury, providing more refinement, customer choice and scope for personalization than ever before.

Range Rover is the original luxury SUV and has led by example for 50 years, combining serene comfort and composure with incredible capability. The New Range Rover is the most desirable yet, mixing breathtaking modernity and aesthetic grace with technological sophistication and seamless connectivity.

2022 Range Rover US Models and MSRP2

Trim Level



Range Rover P400 SE

Mild Hybrid 3.0L Turbocharged I6 (395hp / 406 lb-ft)


Range Rover P400 SE (LWB 7-Seat)

Mild Hybrid 3.0L Turbocharged I6 (395hp / 406 lb-ft)


Range Rover P530 SE

4.4L Twin Turbocharged V8 (523hp / 553 lb-ft)


Range Rover P530 SE (LWB 7-Seat)

4.4L Twin Turbocharged V8 (523hp / 553 lb-ft)


Range Rover P530 Autobiography

4.4L Twin Turbocharged V8 (523hp / 553 lb-ft)


Range Rover P530 Autobiography (LWB 7-Seat)

4.4L Twin Turbocharged V8 (523hp / 553 lb-ft)


Range Rover P530 Autobiography (LWB)

4.4L Twin Turbocharged V8 (523hp / 553 lb-ft)


Range Rover P530 First Edition

4.4L Twin Turbocharged V8 (523hp / 553 lb-ft)


Range Rover P530 First Edition (LWB)

4.4L Twin Turbocharged V8 (523hp / 553 lb-ft)


With a suite of efficient mild hybrid and plug‑in hybrid powertrain (available at 2023 model year) – and a pure‑electric Range Rover set to join the line‑up in 2024 – plus a choice of four, five or seven‑seat interiors available across Standard and Long Wheelbase body designs, the New Range Rover is at home in any environment.

The New Range Rover is a superb manifestation of our vision to create the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles, for the most discerning of customers. It writes the next chapter in the unique story of pioneering innovation that has been a Range Rover hallmark for more than 50 years.

Thierry Bolloré
Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

The Land Rover brand’s new flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture, MLA‑Flex, underpins every aspect of this luxury SUV, from its incredible capability and agile handling to its peerless refinement.

The new luxury SUV is available in SE and Autobiography models. A First Edition will be available throughout the first year of production, based on the Autobiography and featuring a unique specification. It is exclusively available in a Sunset Gold Satin finish, among a choice of five exterior colors. Both Standard (SWB) or Long Wheelbase (LWB) body designs are available with five seats, while the New Range Rover LWB model is available with a third row for extended comfort for up to seven adults.

The new Range Rover SV, arriving at 2023 model year, is an exquisite interpretation of Range Rover luxury and personalization from the experts at Special Vehicle Operations. The SV model is available in both SWB and LWB body designs, with exclusive features including new SV Serenity and SV Intrepid design themes and a four‑seat SV Signature Suite configuration.


Breathtaking modernity

The fifth‑generation luxury SUV takes the Land Rover brand’s modernist design philosophy to the next level, with a contemporary interpretation of its trademark profile to create an incredible design statement. It continues to lead, bringing breathtaking modernity, aesthetic grace and sophistication to the latest flagship.

The New Range Rover is a vehicle with a peerless character, from the impeccable restraint of its exterior to the flawless tranquil sanctuary of its cabin. Informed by creative intellect and a desire for perfection, it doesn’t follow fashion or trend, but by a modernist design philosophy, combined with over 50 years of evolution, it is quite simply the most desirable Range Rover ever created.

Prof Gerry McGovern OBE
Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

The New Range Rover is defined by three lines that can trace their origins back through the generations; the falling roofline, strong waistline and rising sill line. These trademark features combine with a characteristically short front overhang and a distinctive new boat tail rear – complete with practical split tailgate – to create an elegant profile that conveys peerless presence of the Range Rover.

The unbroken waistline showcases the Land Rover brand’s attention to detail as the rounded edge of the door meets the glass in a simple, clean finish thanks to a specially engineered hidden waist finisher. The design‑enabling technology combines with flush glazing, hidden‑until‑lit lighting and precise detailing to create the impression that the vehicle has been milled from solid.

The luxurious interior is underpinned by modern, intuitive and relevant technologies, designed to work harmoniously with the finest materials and wellbeing innovations to create a calm sanctuary for all occupants – turning every trip into an experience to savor.

The exterior color palette elevates the elegant proportions and clean surfaces of the New Range Rover while the interior options are more sustainable, responsible and progressive than ever. Customers have a wider choice of materials and finishes, including innovative textiles and tactile Ultrafabrics™ with a continuation of the Land Rover brand’s pioneering relationship with Kvadrat™ – Europe’s leading manufacturer of premium textiles.


Peerless refinement

The New Range Rover makes every journey an occasion to be remembered, combining advanced technology with modern luxury to deliver peerless refinement for every occupant, including those in the new optional third‑row seats. By eliminating unwanted noises, vibrations and distractions – and reducing the cognitive load on the driver and passengers – occupants will arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

Advanced speaker technology builds on the fundamental refinement provided by the MLA‑Flex body architecture to deliver serene cabin calmness – ensuring passengers enjoy a first‑class experience. It uses the 1,600W Meridian™ Signature Sound System (not available on SE; standard on Autobiography and First Edition models) to create one of the quietest vehicle interiors on the road, with additional 20W speakers in the four main headrests for the most immersive sound experience.

Included with the Meridian™ Signature Sound System, the third‑generation Active Noise Cancellation system monitors wheel vibrations, tire noise and engine sounds transmitted into the cabin and generates a cancelling signal, which is played through the system’s 35 speakers. These include a pair of 60mm diameter speakers in the headrests for each of the four main cabin occupants, which create personal quiet zones similar to the effect when using high‑end headphones.

The Range Rover was the first luxury SUV to feature Electronic Air Suspension in 1992. The New Range Rover continues this pioneering approach with Dynamic Response Pro and pre‑emptive suspension that uses eHorizon Navigation data to read the road ahead and prime the suspension to provide appropriate responses.(7)

The intelligent technology also works in conjunction with the Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist to smooth out body movements resulting from sudden changes in speed.(7_ Fully independent suspension underpins the luxurious ride and features the Land Rover brand’s first ever five‑link rear axle, which isolates the cabin from surface imperfections more effectively than ever using advanced air springs.

The New Range Rover is also the first Land Rover vehicle to feature optional Power Assisted Doors – available at 2023 model year – with integrated hazard detection and anti‑pinch features, which enhance its Soft Door Close capability and ensure every trip begins and ends with effortless refinement and sophistication. All four passenger doors are power assisted – also controlled via the Pivi Pro(6) screen – for elegant entry and exit, including at angles of up to 10 degrees while off‑road. Advanced hazard detection means the doors can automatically pause until the sweep of the door is cleared(7). The practical two‑piece split tailgate that has been a Range Rover hallmark since 1970 is updated for 2022, with a series of new technologies providing greater versatility and convenience.

Inside, the new optional Versatile Loadspace Floor protects luggage and enhances convenience. Its clever floor panel can be raised forward, across the width of the load area around its mid‑point, forming a partition to contain smaller items and keep them within easy reach when unloading. It can also pivot backwards along its leading edge to serve as a backrest when using the lower tailgate as outdoor seating. The new optional Tailgate Event Suite takes the Versatile Loadspace Floor backrest concept to new heights, combining additional lighting, audio features and tailored leather cushions to create the perfect vantage point for outdoor relaxation.

Five‑seat models debut a new Auto‑Folding Loadspace Cover. Combining the practicality of a rigid cover with the convenience of a retractable design, it elegantly retreats when the upper tailgate is opened to provide unrestricted access to the load area, without opening the lower tailgate.

Seamless technology

The New Range Rover maintains its rich bloodline of pioneering innovation with a suite of technologies designed to effortlessly enhance convenience, efficiency, refinement and safety. The latest Electrical Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0) on Land Rover vehicles, is the enabler‑in‑chief and includes Software‑Over‑The‑Air (SOTA) updates for more than 70 electronic modules, meaning the New Range Rover will constantly evolve, improve and remain up to date as it matures.

The New Range Rover revolutionizes the in‑car experience with seamlessly integrated Amazon Alexa(1). Using intuitive natural voice commands goes one step beyond touchscreen or button interfaces in helping reduce cognitive load, providing a sense of effortless modern luxury. In this way, Alexa capabilities allow customers to manage everything from favorite infotainment features and music track selection to navigation or phone contacts – all while keeping their hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road.8

Alexa(1) voice AI is embedded within the New Range Rover, so users experience seamless interactivity and next‑level convenience. Alexa capabilities also allow customers to check the news, weather and for any scheduled meetings using simple voice commands.8 The system can even turn on your lights at home and connect to other Alexa‑enabled devices.

Alexa(1) works in addition to Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Wireless Android Auto™ and can be initiated either by saying “Alexa” or pressing the Alexa button on the central touchscreen4. It does not need a phone or external device to operate – only details of a customer’s Amazon account and an internet connection – while wireless charging for Qi compatible smartphones keeps devices topped up.

SiriusXM with 360L(3) debuts on 2022 Range Rover, offering an extensive and personalized radio experience on the road. The advanced in‑car technology guides users through the largest in‑car catalogue of SiriusXM channels, shows and exclusive content for a ride that's unique to the driver. Users will enjoy a variety of ad‑free music, plus sports, news and talk — and for the first time, experience SiriusXM’s on‑demand content, ad‑free personalized Pandora stations and curated recommendations for each vehicle.

The New Range Rover combines supreme on‑road and all‑terrain capability with electrified propulsion and new levels of connected capability. In the quest for comfort, we have been obsessed with human science and understanding brain activity to minimize cognitive impact and ensure these advanced technologies work in absolute harmony, creating a truly effortless driving experience. It’s an engineer’s duty to make people’s lives better, and that’s exactly what the New Range Rover will do for you.

Nick Rogers
Executive Director, Product Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

The New Range Rover elevates the Land Rover brand’s award‑winning Pivi Pro infotainment technology6 with its largest ever touchscreen. The 13.1‑inch curved, floating screen embodies the architectural lightness of the interior with a minimalist frame design. It provides intuitive control of all the major vehicle functions, using the latest consumer technology to deliver a smartphone‑inspired interface, allied to convenient hard switches for the climate control.

Pivi Pro(6) works in harmony with an elegant new semi‑floating 13.7‑inch Interactive Driver Display, which features new high‑definition graphics based around a three‑panel layout that intuitively reflects the design of the Pivi Pro homescreen. Customers can choose from a variety of configurations, including a conventional analogue layout, using the steering wheel controls.

For the first time in a Land Rover vehicle, the central display will provide haptic feedback when customers touch and press the screen. Allowing users to feel a positive confirmation without the need to glance at the screen, it reduces the need to look away from the road and makes Pivi Pro even more intuitive(6).

Rear passengers can enjoy a new optional Rear Seat Entertainment system, which provides adjustable 11.4‑inch HD touchscreens mounted on the rear of the front seatbacks. They can be operated independently and support the connection of most devices with an HDMI port, while using Wi‑Fi hotspot9 capability means rear‑seat passengers can enjoy smart TV entertainment on the move. The available eight‑inch Rear Seat Touchscreen Controller mounted in the center armrest of Executive Class Rear Seats provides quick and intuitive control for the perfect seating position, elevating the luxurious rear‑seat experience. 

New Maneuvering Lights help drivers complete low‑speed maneuvers in dimly lit surroundings with complete confidence, by creating a blanket of light around the perimeter of the vehicle, working with the 3D Surround Camera system to provide maneuverability(7).

Serene capability and composure

The flagship of the Land Rover family represents the pinnacle of refined capability thanks to advanced hardware and software systems working in complete harmony, enabled by the new MLA‑Flex body architecture. This unrivalled breadth of dynamic capability is governed by the brand’s Integrated Chassis Control – a single control system for a suite of advanced technologies that tailor the vehicle dynamics to suit every mile of every journey, to pre‑emptively and reactively fine‑tune the driving characteristics.

The New Range Rover combines advanced hardware with a pioneering toolkit of digital technologies and software, all enabled by our advanced electrical architecture – moving Range Rover from a mechanical world to a mechatronic ecosystem that delivers an intuitive drive. Our new Integrated Chassis Control system is a prime example of this philosophy and co‑ordinates a suite of predictive and reactive technologies, that make this the most comfortable and agile Range Rover ever produced.

Rory O’Murchu
Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover

Every New Range Rover features All‑Wheel Steering for an effortless drive with heightened stability at speed and improved maneuverability at low speeds, ensuring it is equally at home on the open road and negotiating tight urban streets7.

The electrically operated rear axle provides up to seven degrees of steering angle and, at low speeds, turns out‑of‑phase of the front wheels, giving the New Range Rover a turning circle of 36 feet – the smallest of any Land Rover vehicle. At higher speeds the rear axle turns in phase with the front wheels for enhanced stability and comfort.

The New Range Rover is also the first Land Rover vehicle to feature Dynamic Response Pro. The powerful new active 48‑volt electronic roll control system is faster‑acting and more efficient than a hydraulic set‑up, with a torque capacity of over 1,000 lb‑ft fed into the rollover protection system to keep body movements under control7.

Fully independent air suspension isolates the cabin from surface imperfections more effectively than ever, for serene composure. It combines air springs volumes with twin‑valve dampers – all managed by in‑house‑developed Adaptive Dynamics control software7.

The intelligent All‑Wheel Drive (iAWD) transmission is controlled by the Land Rover brand’s Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) system, which monitors grip levels and driver inputs 100 times a second to predictively distribute torque between the front and rear axles, and across the rear axle, for optimum traction on and off‑road7.

Every Range Rover also features an Active Locking Rear Differential. This optimizes traction from the rear axle during cornering, on slippery surfaces and during off‑road wheel articulation, delivering enhanced capability and driver confidence7.

All of this technology feeds into the Land Rover brand’s award‑winning Terrain Response® 2 system, which harnesses the various chassis systems to automatically provide the perfect settings for the surroundings, from a choice of six driving modes, to minimize driver workload across various terrains. Alternatively, the driver can select the most appropriate setting manually or, use Configurable Terrain Response® to create a bespoke chassis set‑up7.


Electrified efficiency

The New Range Rover maintains its compelling combination of effortless performance and peerless refinement with a comprehensive line‑up of advanced six‑ and eight‑cylinder powertrains. Spearheading the Land Rover brand’s Reimagine strategy, a pure‑electric model will join the family in 2024, bringing full‑time zero tailpipe emissions driving to the Range Rover for the first time. 

Available at 2023 model year, the new extended‑range plug‑in hybrid (PHEV) combines the inherent refinement of the Land Rover brand’s inline six‑cylinder Ingenium engine with a 38.2kWh lithium‑ion battery – with usable capacity of 31.8kWh – and a 105kW electric motor integrated with the transmission. Together, the powertrain provides up to 62 miles10 of near‑silent pure‑electric driving.

The 434hp PHEV can reach up to 87mph5 without the use of the gasoline engine allowing customers to enjoy pure‑electric driving for most journeys in town and country. The clever packaging of the battery, beneath the vehicle and within the wheelbase, ensures both luggage space and all‑terrain capability are uncompromised.

The use of advanced eHorizon navigation data also allows the hybrid system to optimize energy usage across a journey, to provide a peaceful arrival at a destination on electric power, while also optimizing EV usage.

The six‑cylinder Ingenium engine features the latest 48‑volt mild hybrid technology. The system’s clever belt‑integrated starter motor ensures more responsive and refined operation of the stop‑start system and provides extra assistance to the engine when accelerating.

Exquisite personalization

The New Range Rover SV will provide an exquisite interpretation of Range Rover luxury and personalization, giving customers even more scope to create a truly individual vehicle with a choice of exclusive design themes, details and material choices from SV.

This hand‑crafted model will be the first Land Rover vehicle to carry the new ceramic SV roundel and simplified naming strategy – known simply as SV. The SV roundel represents the distillation of Special Vehicle Operations design and engineering passion for modern luxury, performance and capability. The SV roundel will identify all new Land Rover vehicles launched by Special Vehicle Operations in the future.

Special Vehicle Operations exists to amplify the core characteristics of Land Rover vehicles, obsessing over every detail with a passion for quality. In the case of Range Rover, that means injecting even more luxury into every part of the car. With more choice than ever before, our customers will be able to create a new Range Rover SV that truly reflects their personality, their dreams, their desires. That is how we interpret modern luxury.

Michael van der Sande
Managing Director, Special Vehicle Operations

Both Standard and Long Wheelbase body designs – including a five‑seat LWB configuration for the first time – are available with specially curated SV Serenity and SV Intrepid design themes, which introduce two‑tone front‑to‑rear contrasting colorways to Range Rover. Exclusive materials include lustrous plated metals, smooth ceramics, intricate mosaic marquetry and soft near‑aniline leather, as well as sustainable non‑leather Ultrafabrics™.

The sumptuous new SV Signature Suite option on LWB models epitomizes the heightened luxury and craftsmanship of Range Rover SV, providing a peerless travelling environment for its most discerning customers. Its uniquely cosseting seats feature 24‑way adjustment with massage functionality, while an elegant electrically deployable Club Table rises theatrically from the fixed full‑length center console on beautifully engineered supports to provide a convenient workspace when required.

The Range Rover SV will be available with the refined new 523hp twin turbocharged V8 powertrain.


New quality benchmark

The New Range Rover has been designed, developed and engineered in the UK and, during this process, Land Rover has filed no fewer than 125 patents covering everything from its pioneering chassis technologies to its PHEV battery. Land Rover engineers used motorsport‑derived simulation technology to put the vehicle through its paces in the virtual world more comprehensively and intensively than ever, completing more than 140,000 hours of computational analysis prior to physical testing.

A fleet of prototypes then embarked on a punishing global test and development program, taking in extreme temperatures ranging from the 100°F + heat of the desert to the ‑20°F cold of the Arctic.

The New Range Rover will be produced exclusively at the Solihull Manufacturing Facility in the UK, using a state‑of‑the‑art production line housed in the building used to produce early Series Land Rover vehicles. The historic building is the spiritual home of Land Rover and its reimagining as a new, ultra‑modern center for Range Rover production showcases the way the company protects its heritage.

The New Range Rover is available to order now, priced from $104,0002 in the U.S. Find out more here:





Wheelbase (in)



Overall Length (in)



Overall Width with Mirrors (in)



Overall Width with Mirrors Folded (in)



Overall Height (in)



Curb Weight (lb)

P400: 5,240

P530: 5,530

P400: 5,385 – 5,600 (7-Seat)

P530: 5,620 – 5,840 (7-Seat)

Gross Vehicle Weight (lb)


7,385 – 7,560

Turning Circle – Curb-to-Curb (ft)



Standard Tire Size

255/60 R18

255/50 R20

Loadspace Volume – Behind First Row (ft3)



Loadspace Volume – Behind Second Row (ft3)


40.9 (5-Seat)

43.1 (7-Seat)

Loadspace Volume – Behind Third Row (ft3)



Legroom – Behind First Row (in)



Legroom – Behind Second Row (in)


48 (5-Seat)

40.4 (7-Seat)

Legroom – Behind Third Row (in)



Wading Depth (in)



Further information

  1. Amazon Alexa Voice AI is only available in certain markets. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart home technology. Use of Amazon Alexa requires an Amazon account
  2. Starting at price shown is Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Excludes $1,350 destination and delivery, tax, title, license, and retailer fees, all due at signing, and optional equipment. Retailer price, terms and vehicle availability may vary. See your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for details.
  3. All SiriusXM services require a subscription, sold separately by SiriusXM after the trial period. Your SiriusXM service will automatically stop at the end of your trial unless you decide to subscribe.  If you decide to continue service, the subscription plan chosen will automatically renew and be charged according to your chosen payment method at the then‑current rates. Fees and taxes apply. See the SiriusXM Customer Agreement & Privacy Policy at for full terms and how to cancel, which includes online methods or calling 1‑866‑635‑2349. Available in the 48 contiguous United States, D.C., and Puerto Rico (with coverage limits and capable receiver). Visit for most current service area information. Availability of some services and features is subject to device capabilities and location restrictions. All fees, content and features are subject to change. SiriusXM, Pandora and all related logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. and its respective subsidiaries. SiriusXM with 360L:  Radio features, content, and display may vary by vehicle. Some features may not be available while driving.
  4. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Do not operate, adjust or view the navigation or multimedia systems under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto user interfaces are products of Apple or Google and their terms and privacy statements apply. The interfaces require compatible iPhone or Android smartphone and message and data usage rates apply. Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google Inc.
  5. Always follow local speed limits.
  6. Do not use Land Rover InControl® or Pivi Pro features under conditions that will affect your safety or safety of others. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Land Rover InControl has a number of purchasing options that are available. Certain Pivi Pro features use an embedded SIM card, may require a data plan with separate terms and conditions, and an additional subscription after an initial term. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations. The Land Rover InControl Apps™ and Land Rover Remote™ smartphone apps will work with Android™ devices from version 4.1 and Apple® devices from iOS V7.0 and must be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Please see your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for more details.
  7. These systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances, speeds, weather and road conditions, etc. Driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving.  Please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for more details.
  8. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Do not operate, adjust or view the navigation or multimedia systems under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Only use mobile phones, and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so.
  9. The Wi‑Fi hotspot is intended for passenger use only. InControl features may require an additional subscription with separate terms and conditions.
  10. 2023 Range Rover. All‑electric range is 62 miles with fully charged battery. All figures are Manufacturer's range estimates. Actual range will vary with driving conditions, and other factors. See your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for updated EPA estimates.

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