8 December 2023

  • DESIGN MEETS PERFORMANCE: The Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI debuts at Miami Art Week, illustrating its dynamism through a sensorial experience entitled Force of Nature 
  • FORCE OF NATURE: Inspired by the power of the Range Rover Sport SV and the natural energy of Miami Beach, Range Rover has collaborated with artist Daniel Wurtzel to present an experiential installation entitled “FORCE OF NATURE” 
  • EXCLUSIVE AND DESIRABLE: The Range Rover brand will offer an ultra‑exclusive production run of only seven Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI vehicles 
  • POWER, PERFORMANCE AND MOMENTUM: Inspired by the vibrant blue of the Atlantic Ocean, the Maya Blue SV Bespoke paint connects the Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI to the power and momentum of the ocean 
  • VOLUME UP: To deliver a full sensory experience, Range Rover brand worked with London‑based musician SOOSKI, to create a bespoke soundtrack designed to match the power and momentum of the Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI display 
  • A CELEBRATION OF MIAMI: FORCE OF NATURE will be housed within the CHASE Sapphire Lounge at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel as part of its celebration of Miami Art Week

MAHWAH, N.J. ‑ 8 December 2023 – As a proud creator of modern luxury experiences, Range Rover will make its Miami Art Week debut with a thrilling sensory experience installation, “FORCE OF NATURE,” that showcases an ultra‑exclusive new run of Range Rover Sport vehicles. Invited guests and clients will experience an uplifting journey conveying the power and dynamism of the natural Miami environment and the very essence of the exclusive new Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI.  

Beginning Friday, December 8, 2023, through Saturday, December 9, 2023, Range Rover and CHASE will be welcoming guests to experience “FORCE OF NATURE” at CHASE Sapphire lounge at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel – available exclusively for CHASE Sapphire cardholders and Range Rover clients.  

To bring forth an uplifting and unique experience, the Range Rover brand has teamed up with world‑renowned air master and designer Daniel Wurtzel, allowing guests to feel the performance, modernity, and reductive design that makes Range Rover one of the world’s most desired brands.  

Utilizing artfully designed lights and sound coordinated to the harnessing of reimagined wind power, guests experiencing the installation will be surrounded by an atmosphere both powerful and serene, highlighted by an elegant floating silky wave. Matching the striking Maya Blue SV Bespoke exterior, the blue silk canopy will be flowing throughout the space – mimicking the ocean waves on Miami Beach.   

One of the world’s most anticipated and highly esteemed cultural events, Miami Art Week showcases unique artist and designer‑led experiences for visitors and curators from around the globe. Where the world’s curators of modern and contemporary artistic and design philosophy converge, Range Rover is proud to present to our clients the exclusive Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI.  

Taking inspiration from the vibrant blue of the Atlantic Ocean around Miami, the Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI exterior features an exclusive Maya Blue SV Bespoke paint. The most powerful Range Rover ever, 626hp Twin Turbo V8 mild‑hybrid propels this SUV from 0‑60mph in as little as 3.6 seconds1 in new dynamics‑optimized SV Mode. 23‑inch Carbon Fiber Wheels, Carbon Ceramic Brakes and unique eight‑piston Brembo Octyma front calipers in a carbon bronze color‑way are features which add to its rarity. This exclusive model seamlessly blends sporting luxury with innovative performance‑enhancing technologies such as the 6D Dynamics suspension system. Available at $225,0002 and limited to only seven units produced, this is the most exclusive Range Rover Sport of recent times. 

Miami Art Week is a wonderful convergence of modern contemporary designers, artists, collectors, and curators, a perfect opportunity to present to our clients a very unique exclusive edition Range Rover Sport SV Edition One Miami, inspired by natural elements of Miami Beach. We are very pleased to collaborate with world‑renowned air master and designer, Daniel Wurtzel, to create a one‑of‑a‑kind installation for our guests, that serves as an allegory of the powerful Range Rover Sport and the uplifting natural environment of a windswept beach. The Forces of Nature experience is housed within the lively invitation‑only Chase Sapphire Lounge in the heart of the Miami Art Week experience on Miami Beach.

Charlotte Blank
US Chief Marketing Officer, JLR North America

Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI pushes the boundaries of performance and design. “FORCE OF NATURE” channels the multifaceted characteristics of Range Rover and invites guests to be captivated by power and serenity of movement.”

Daniel Wurtzel

“FORCE OF NATURE” expresses four key qualities of Range Rover models: Serenity, Control, Power, and Liberation. Encompassed by a gradient frosted glass exterior, the space will feature different frequencies of ambient sound dotted throughout that will guide guests around the Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI. The silk waves hide and reveal the car in choreographed rhythms which will create pathways towards the vehicle. The bespoke music, composed by London‑based musician SOOSKI, will guide guests around the exhibition. Known for alternative electronic, fluid trap, her customized music delivers a fully sensorial experience of the Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE MIAMI.  


Welcome to FORCE OF NATURE, the collaboration between Range Rover and air master Daniel Wurtzel.

 Immerse yourself in this sensory installation, carefully designed to draw you into an unexpected reinterpretation of Miami's natural elements. 

 Allow yourself to experience the reimagined forces of the sea breeze, the expansive sky and the shimmering waters of Miami Beach, precisely orchestrated in our controlled space. These forces of nature are distilled down to their essential elements to elicit, for every guest, moods of Serenity, Power, Control and Liberation. 

 Wurtzel and Range Rover have blended technology with our environment in a one‑of‑a‑kind artistic expression, capturing serenity, power and the pure elements of the extraordinary Range Rover Sport SV Edition One Miami debuting here. 

Let yourself escape under the ever‑transforming silky canopy. Elevate your senses.

During the day, the installation will serve as a place where conversation, relaxation and inspiration meet. CHASE guests and Range Rover owners will get to enjoy various art installations, food tastings, cocktail experiences and more. Drawing inspiration from Miami’s vibrant scene, at night the space will transform into an electric and lively nightclub. Each night will have its own flavor, with live musical performances, curated food, cocktails and more.

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